Video by Google: How to Hire an SEO

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JA Publications, Inc. Video by Google: How to Hire an SEO

Video by Google: How to Hire an SEO

Looking to hire an SEO? Be Careful!

There is no black magic or secret techniques to SEO.  SEO is improving a website for both humans and machines (or crawlers). Keyword stuffed pages or directory link submissions is not SEO. Well, not the kind of SEO that works for long anyway. There’s no shortcuts or techniques that will put your site on Page 1 for the long-term.

There are many people in this industry, that woke up one day and said, ” I’m an SEO expert because I ranked my friend’s small business site locally myself and now I’m an expert!”

The truth is, being able to rank a site or two locally and being able to successfully handle competitive national SEO campaigns requires two very different skill sets.

Tricks or “Black Hat” SEO works in the short-term, but when the search engines catch on, you can bet you will drop in rank. The site that followed Google guidelines will always outrank you.

Google released this video today to better guide you when searching for an agency or SEO consultant.

We highly recommend that anyone looking for SEO services watch this 11 minute video.