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Excellent Support from WordPress Theme Developer

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Weblizar Provides Great WordPress Themes and Plugins with Excellent Support

Most of the developers that build free WordPress themes provide good support, but how many of those developers would actually login and work on your site to fix problems and not expect to be paid? Weblizar did just that and has more than once for JA Publications. We run the Weblizar theme, “Enigma Premium.” Here’s the free version on Weblizar put together a really well-developed theme. It’s fast and fully responsive, as well as loaded with built in short codes that do not require additional plugins.It uses the Font Awesome set as well as CSS3 and HTML5. There’s built in animations that do not require configuration. It has all the usual premium WordPress theme functions, but what makes this theme standout is the amazing support. We had a few issues when we first installed it. For example, due to the way we were compressing HTML, CSS, and JS, the short code insert feature didn’t work properly. We contacted support and they were more than happy to take a look. There has been several times when they have assisted us. Additionally, we have even had Weblizar do some custom development for us and they did it fast and at a fair price. Weblizar is not unique in being a good WordPress theme developer, but they are most definitely unique at providing more than helpful support for their products. We give Weblizar and the support staff 5 stars. Thanks for all the help!