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Why Copying Competitors That Outrank You Isn’t an SEO Strategy

Why Copying Competitors That Outrank You Isn't an SEO Strategy JA Publications, Inc. 3

By Brian Harnish


In my years in this industry I have seen time and time again the mantra “Let’s copy the competition! They are number one, so they must be doing something right. Right?”

The process usually begins with the following: “I noticed our competitor X is number one on Google. Competitor Y is number 1 for a hundred different keywords. We should copy everything they do down to the minute detail! Let’s get going!”

While in some business disciplines that is a semi-ok idea, in SEO copying your competitors utilizing this reasoning is a waste of time.

Why Copying Your Competitors is Not an SEO Strategy

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Video by Google: How to Hire an SEO JA Publications, Inc. 4

Video by Google: How to Hire an SEO

Looking to hire an SEO? Be Careful!

There is no black magic or secret techniques to SEO.  SEO is improving a website for both humans and machines (or crawlers). Keyword stuffed pages or directory link submissions is not SEO. Well, not the kind of SEO that works for long anyway. There’s no shortcuts or techniques that will put your site on Page 1 for the long-term.

There are many people in this industry, that woke up one day and said, ” I’m an SEO expert because I ranked my friend’s small business site locally myself and now I’m an expert!”

The truth is, being able to rank a site or two locally and being able to successfully handle competitive national SEO campaigns requires two very different skill sets.

Tricks or “Black Hat” SEO works in the short-term, but when the search engines catch on, you can bet you will drop in rank. The site that followed Google guidelines will always outrank you.

Google released this video today to better guide you when searching for an agency or SEO consultant.

We highly recommend that anyone looking for SEO services watch this 11 minute video.

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Hiring an SEO Company? Here's the Do's and Dont's JA Publications, Inc.

Hiring an SEO Company? Here’s the Do’s and Dont’s

The Do’s and Don’ts when Hiring an SEO Company



Unfortunately, there are lots of pitfalls/things to look out for when looking for an SEO company, but here are a few things NOT to do when looking for an SEO:



1. Don’t simply trust ‘industry awards’


There are no official independent authorities – often, if not always, there is something in it for the “award giver.” Sites like accept payment for listings, so they are pretty much useless as far as credibility.


2. Don’t get persuaded by their ‘customer list’ which includes big corporate names.


A tactic in the SEO industry is to post logos of large corporations on their site as if they are or were their client. Don’t be fooled by this. Get real references from real businesses.


3. Don’t just go for someone who can rank their own company at the top of Google


Yes, they should be able to do this, but it is certainly no guarantee of what they will do for you. I have even heard of a SEO company losing the guy in charge of ‘strategy’ who was effectively able to get them the big ranks, leaving the rest of the agency clueless! At JA Publications, the guy in charge of strategy is Jeff George who is also the registered officer of the company. He’s not going anywhere and our SEO strategies will always be highly effective.


4. Agencies cannot guarantee a certain position, but they should guarantee a ‘success or else’ clause.


Some companies will guarantee things like 100 directory submissions/article submissions etc. (which have almost no SEO value) to cover up what’s going on in the background (placing links on a network of sites that they own, etc.) Pretty much ignore the guarantees of ‘practical work’, go for guarantees of ROI or overall increase in traffic, etc.


5. Do not get sucked into ‘we are the professionals’ mindset


Be sure to get your decisive answers on a White Hat SEO forum such as ‘Google’s Webmaster Blog.” THEN measure the SEO company in accordance with that advice as opposed to the other way around. Just because your SEO guy claims he’s an expert, doesn’t mean he is the right one for your campaign. Every SEO campaign is different. Each site’s needs vary greatly as far as the approach that must be taken. Any agency that offers one-size-fits-all pricing package is probably not the company you want to choose.


Remember: “Certified Google Partner” is an individual/agency that passed the AdWords certification exams. It does not mean that they are affiliated with Google, Inc. and has nothing to do with organic Search Engine Optimization. It is, however, an AdWords certification. Many SEO agencies will try to use this when selling their SEO services as if the two are connected. They are not, so don’t get fooled.



Now the DO’s:


1. Contact any references they provide to you to ensure they are authentic.


2. Get everything in writing. If the sales person says ANYTHING that you like the sound of – get them to send it to you in an email!


3. Read and understand the contract! If there is ANYTHING that you don’t like the sound of then get it changed or walk away. Pay special attention to anything that uses phrases like ‘without limitation.”


4. Specify high-quality back links as part of any package. Back links are crucial to any effective SEO campaign. Please note that ‘free directories’, article sites and press releases are of extremely low quality and do next to nothing as far as your site’s position in search goes.


There you have it. If you stick to the above-mentioned points, you should have no problems finding a reputable SEO agency. Or, you can contact us.


Thanks for visiting JA Publications, Inc. We hope to see you again sometime.

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5 Hot SEO Tips for Boosting Your Organic Traffic


Here’s 5 hot SEO tips for boosting your website’s organic traffic.

Organic traffic is the best kind of traffic you can receive because it’s relevant and targeted. However, it can be difficult to get higher page rankings, especially if you aren’t using the right SEO strategies.



1. It All Starts with Engaging Content

Create content that solves your audience’s pain points and they’ll love you for it.


The first thing you need is a targeted buyer persona. It’s a fictitious outline of who your customers are.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who am I targeting?
  • What problems can I help them solve?
  • What external events influences their decision?
  • How can I change what they are currently doing?


Next, you want to head over to a site called to search for topics that generates the most social shares. This allows you to get a better idea on the types of subjects to write about.



2. Monitor Your Website for Bad Links

You must monitor your website for bad links. Third party websites will oftentimes link to your site and those links could be hurting your page rankings. Therefore, you must monitor your site for bad, low quality links and remove them. The characteristics of good links are as follows:

  • They are industry relevant
  • Contextual links are better for SEO and traffic
  • Links from a long, in-depth, related article will hold more value
  • The back link is a do-follow link
  • The back link is from a trusted source and has good domain authority


3. Disavow Bad Links

After you’ve identified the good links from the bad ones, you will need to tag the links that are bad, then begin trying to remove them by contacting the website the link belongs to and ask them to remove it. If you can’t contact them or they refuse to remove the link, you can create a disavow report and submit it using the Google Disavow Tool to help prevent those links from hurting your site. The way the disavow tool works is a bit elusive and outside the scope of this article. Therefore, you should take some time to learn more about how it works so you will know what to do and what not to do.



4. Promote Your Content with Text Messaging

Most people have at least one type of mobile device and prefer a text to any other type of communication, which is why text marketing is so effective. Because about 90 percent of all texts are opened within a few minutes of them being received.


Before you can send a text message to promote your new content, you’ll need to build your mobile list.


Place a mobile optin-form on your website so your readers can subscribe to it. You can even segment the list by topics and user behavior. Through this form you can collect their email address and mobile phone number.


Once your content goes live, you can use a  texting services to send relevant messages straight to their mobile phone to increase traffic to your website. With proper social sharing tools embedded within your article, you can expect lots of social shares and continual organic traffic.



5. Earn Quality Back links

Another great link building technique is earning your back links through guest posting on other industry related blogs and linking your article back to a related page on your website. You simply need to contact webmasters of related blogs and websites and ask them if they would allow you to post an article on their site in exchange for a link back to yours. Most of the time webmasters are more than happy to comply as long as your site is related and not a direct competitor because it’s less content they have to write.



If you would like more information about boosting your organic traffic using SEO and other internet marketing strategies, please contact us and let us show you how we can help take your website to the next level.


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Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn is the marketing guy at Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass sms messaging, smart targeting and automation. Jumpstart your business by grabbing your free copy of his powerful Mobile Marketing Success Kit. Watch Trumpia’s 5-Minute Demo on how to execute an effective mobile marketing strategy.