Have us Setup Your Google Analytics

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Have us Setup Your Google Analytics 2

Have us Setup Your Google Analytics

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Have Our Experts Setup Your Google Analytics Properly For Tracking


Setting up the tracking in Google Analytics for your website can be quite a hassle. How do you know what you should track? Are there any details you might have missed? There are so many different aspects to Google Analytics that you need to think of and even more that you should simply ignore. We will take that wondering out of your hands and setup your Google Analytics properly.



We can set up your Google Analytics goals for you. We’ll also go over the ones you might have  already set up yourself. We will look at your website, your business, and the things that are important for you to track. After that, we’ll set up the goals for you! Once we’ve set up your goals, we’ll tell you which goals we have set up and why.

Goals are a way of tracking in Google Analytics. They’re useful, because they’ll allow you to see how many people have completed your funnel, and where the rest dropped off. Funnels are the steps you can specify in your goals. By specifying steps, you can see how many people went from one step to the other, which is basically your conversion rate for that specific task.

Our expert team will setup your Google Analytics properly

Lets face it: Google Analytics isn’t very user-friendly. We have set up hundreds of Google Analytics accounts for webmasters all over the world. That’s experience that you can trust.

We will make sure you’re tracking what you should be tracking, ignoring the unimportant stuff, and that your goals are set up perfectly.

Set up my goals

All you have to do is give us access to your Google Analytics account. After that we’ll send you an invoice. When you’ve paid the invoice, we’ll get started on creating your goals!