SEO Audit & Analysis

seo analysis

Our SEO audits can be tailored to individual sites or entire site networks, across an unlimited number of domains.


The three pillars of SEO analysis provide us with a core assessment framework:




This is determined your site’s URL structure. We conduct a site audit test using a variety of automated SEO analysis tools. These tools crawl your website, checking how easy search engines can read and analyze your content. This is accompanied by a manual inspection by our expert consultants, who determine the causes of any crawler-related accessibility issues.


We have an vast library of keywords, reflecting the interests and search patterns of search engine users across a diverse range of industries. We use this knowledge, and further keyword research, to assess the depth and involvement of your site’s content. We can also see how closely your site’s content matches what consumers expect to see.


We use multiple sources of data to assess the volume and quality of links to your site, and whether any of this link equity is being wasted.
We use all our findings to create recommendations for improvement – in terms of topic areas covered, markets that your company can potentially tap into, errors that can be fixed, and processes you can implement to prevent these issues from reoccurring. All of these are documented in our thorough, in-depth analysis reports.