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A Michigan SEO company that uses transparent, White Hat SEO strategies

JA Publications is a Michigan SEO company that uses highly effective on-page SEO techniques along with design and layout optimizations that make your site easy to parse for both your users and the search engines.

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Why hire a Michigan SEO Company?

The search engines are constantly changing and your competitors are changing. In this dynamic and competitive environment, achieving top rankings in the major search engines is an ongoing process that involves a significant amount of time, work, and expertise, experience that most businesses don’t have the time or training to do successfully. This is why many companies hire SEO professionals to manage their search marketing programs for them. 90% of the time, our work pays for itself. 

This video by Google  talks about hiring an SEO consultant.

We Never Stop Raising Your Position in Search

We continue raising your position as long as we’re managing your campaign. Even if you’re ranked #1 for your keywords, we start raising your position for other relevant search terms. SEO is an ongoing optimization and then re-optimization process based on analytic data. The work is never really “finished” since there’s always room for improvement somewhere.

  • Code Optimization
  • Content
  • Crawler-friendly Site Architecture
  • XML Sitemap: Implementation, Optimization
  • Robots.txt: optimization
  • Navigation Optimization

Our Approach to On-Page SEO is Simple

We improve your website for both humans and machines (or crawlers). It’s more work than other forms of SEO, but there’s little to no chance of being penalized by the search engines since the optimizations done to your site are within webmaster guidelines. Check out our FAQ page for more information.

We Do Much More Than Promise Competitor “Domination” and Page 1 Ranking

With some Michigan area search engine marketing companies, what you’ll experience are grandiose promises and unrealistic expectations. Some even like to tell you that you’ll “dominate” your industry. You buy it and end up paying them thousands of dollars believing that they’ll make good on their word. You hope they make good, but since every SEO campaign is different, it’s sometimes difficult to predict. This is why before we accept any payment, we take a hard look at your site and your competition first. If we feel the chances are slim, we’ll be the first to let you know and the reason we think so.

We’ll find the terms that your customers are searching for, & optimize your site accordingly.