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Been Hit with a Google Penalty or Manual Action?



Whether your company unknowingly practiced “Black Hat” SEO techniques or if your site’s security was compromised, we can help you get back to the top of the search results. If your website’s security was breached or was hacked, we can restore it and handle the manual action from Google.
Michigan SEO Company 25All of our SEO techniques are considered “White Hat” and within the webmaster guidelines of every major search engine including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We have a very similar approach to SEO as Google has to it’s users. We believe if you put the user’s best interest first, everything else will fall into place. It’s all about making your site as useful to the user as possible while making it easy for crawlers to parse at the same time. Trying to trick Google with SPAMMY or unethical marketing techniques will not only backfire and cause your site to be dropped from the first page of results, but hurt your site’s overall credibility and reputation which could take years to reestablish. White Hat SEO takes longer, is much more work, costs more, and requires more skill than Black Hat trick methods, but you’ll never risk being penalized or dropped from the search results. We feel this is the smarter way to do things.

JA Publications, Inc. has helped numerous companies restore their presence online and their site’s reputation with the search engines. If you would like us to help you remove your Google penalty or manual action, contact our SEO team at +1 (866) 504-7774 today or email us at







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