How to Tell Your SEO Company is Mediocre at Best in 2016

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How to Tell Your SEO Company is Mediocre at Best in 2016 | JA Publications, Inc. 2

How to Tell Your SEO Company is Mediocre at Best in 2016

Here’s 3 Warning Signs That Your SEO Company Sucks in 2016



Let’s face it … SEO is something that many claim to be experts at. I’m not sure why this is, but I do know that it’s one of the many reasons that so many SEO agencies have gotten a bad reputation in the last 5 years. I hear it every day. Someone will call us to inquire about SEO or PPC and then it comes out … they have dealt with more than a few SEO companies in the past couple years, all failed or even ended up doing more harm than good. That’s about all I need to hear to lose interest in the potential project. Reason is, whenever a site was handled by 2 or more agencies before they call us, there’s always a lot of mess to clean up usually. These people wouldn’t be calling JA if the last SEO “expert” they hired was successful. Almost always, it’s more mess than the average business owner cares to pay for. So, as soon as I hear this, I usually lose interest in the potential project. If the person is adamant as far as a receiving a quote, I’ll explain that it’s going to be costly because of the amount of cleanup that has to be done in order for the campaign to succeed. It usually takes more than a year to develop a profitable marketing model online, and even longer after the damage is done. The point of this post is to help you, the potential client of JA Publications, Inc. whose looking for internet marketing or SEO services, to spot the “fakes” out there. Who knows, you may even end up saving time and time is money in business. Right?



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1. They Claim to be SEO Experts, But Barely Rank Well Locally

Local SEO isn’t all that difficult. Most business owners could probably rank their business, for at least a few keywords, on their own with very limited knowledge of search algorithms, not much time, and basic SEO. Due to Google My Business listings, it’s fairly easy to rank a business for a local keyword like “macomb orthodontists” or similar keywords. I ranked this site, JA Publications, all over Michigan in about 2 months flat. That’s saying something, because all of my competitors claim to be SEO experts and I took 95% of them out in 60 days. What separates the fakes from the experts is national ranking, meaning the site ranks all over the US on for keywords that do not include a location in the search string. So, if you’re SEO company is not ranked outside the state or city, there’s a very good chance they are not even close to SEO expert level. If they can’t rank themselves among serious competition, how are they going to rank your business?





2. They Place Links to Their Site in the Footer of Their Client’s Sites

I never really understood this one. At one time, this was an acceptable practice, but anyone that understands Google SEO, should know that this is borderline SPAM. Anyone that claims to be an SEO should know better than this. Google and most search engines want relevancy throughout a site and it’s pages. If you’re a tanning salon in Troy and you have a link to an SEO agency in the footer of your site, it does absolutely nothing for yours or their SEO because it’s completely off-topic and totally irrelevant to the site’s primary subject. If the link is placed there for reasons other than SEO benefits, it’s obviously a very spammy marketing technique and you should consider it a warning sign. Most search engines have publicly stated that there is no benefit to links of this type, and Bing has even warned they can penalize your site in the search results. The reason there is no benefit to SEO is because it’s not beneficial to the user as a whole. Since it’s completely irrelevant and off-topic, search engines don’t award websites for this. After Google released the Hummingbird algorithm update, anyone that does this is pretty much clueless as far as what Google wants in general. Have you ever gone to a tanning salon website and said, ” Oh cool, I was looking for an SEO company. That’s why I came to this tanning salon website!” This type of linking should be a tell tale sign that you’re SEO company sucks and sucks bad.

Even further – It’s not about the quantity of backlinks you have. If all about the quality of the links. Google’s PageRank algorithm looks at a site’s link profile historically over time. So, if your SEO guy is writing press releases or submitting your website to online directories, they have a long way to go still as far as understanding how Google works as far as back links. This site, JA Publications, currently has zero backlinks and is rated in the top 3 for hundreds of competitive keywords. Not a single backlink.




3. They Only Use AdWords or Pay Per Click Ads and Have No First Page Ranking

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that if the SEO company can’t rank themselves, how are you supposed to believe they can rank your website? If a company that claims to be experts at SEO but relies solely on Adwords to find clients, it usually means that they are not good enough at organic SEO, which is where an overwhelming number of users click versus the paid for listings. One would think if they were good enough to rank your site, they’d be good enough to rank their own. And if they’re not, there’s plenty of SEO companies that are.


4. They Use Negative SEO Against Their Competitors Because Their Not Good Enough to Beat Them Any Other Way

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