Google Page Speed Performance Packages

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Google Page Speed Performance Packages JA Publications, Inc. 4

Google Page Speed Performance Packages

Let Us Raise Your Google Page Speed Score to Blazing Fast Speeds

Even the most patient people are left annoyed with a poor performing website. Nobody likes hanging pages and slow loading images. Since Google is constantly trying to increase the speed of information delivery to it’s users, the performance of your website is crucial to your SEO strategy. Google, Yahoo, and Bing, all incorporate your site’s performance as a ranking signal. Java, large unoptimized images, multiple CSS files, “above the fold” scripts and content, all contribute to your website’s performance score.




What We’ll Do to Raise Your Score Above 85

  • Implement a Content Delivery Network
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Configure your Server (Compression)
  • Optimize Images
  • Minify Java, CSS, and HTML
  • Eliminate Render-Blocking Scripts and Content Above the Fold


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