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Search Engine Optimization

75% of consumers use Google Search every month to find companies like yours. It is by far the most effective channel to acquire new business.

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Content Creation

Whether it’s display ads or landing pages, we write content that engages your users and is easy to parse for search engines like Yahoo and Google.

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Analytic data is the foundation of all of our Search Engine Optimization & digital marketing strategies.

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Conversion Optimization

We optimize your site to convert by zeroing in on your audience and delivering exactly what they expect to see from companies like yours.

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We Help Business Owners Make the Most Out of the Internet

Whether we’re providing technical SEO recommendations for our clients’ websites, creating content strategies, building an audience via organic or paid search platforms, or helping measure the success of the whole thing, our skills help our clients’ businesses thrive online.

We Do More Than Promise Better Visibility

With some Michigan area search engine marketing companies, what you’ll experience are grandiose promises and unrealistic expectations. You end up paying them thousands of dollars believing that they’ll make good on their word. What usually happens is that, eventually, you end up in the same (or worse) position you were in prior to you hired them in the first place! With us, you’ll never have to worry about this. Once you commit to us, we commit to you. We pride ourselves on delivering and aren’t satisfied with anything less than success.


Local Michigan SEO Company

SEO is an investment. You invest dollars into it, and if you do it correctly you get an extremely high ROI (return on investment). Contact us for references from real business owners like yourself that will attest that we more than quadrupled their business generated from their website with our SEO, PPC, and web design services.

Our Clients Are the Priority

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What Our Clients Say

We are greatly impressed with the straight forward, problem solution tactics that Jeff and his team provided to us. We have had such a run around in the past when it has come to SEO and it is so nice to have someone we can rely on and trust.

Crystal W.

( www.luxeeventlinen.com )

We are now on the first page on pretty much all search engines. This is something that two prior SEO experts were not able to do. JA Publications was very easy to reach, we're glad to explain what and why as far as the changes to our site, and was nothing short of professional.

recent clients fatima wahab

Fatima W.

( Business Owner )

JA Publications did a wonderful job optimizing our web page. They were always prompt at responding, professional, flexible, and took a sincere interest in our business. Jeff and his team have unparalleled experience with SEO; they were able to bring our tutoring website on the first page of Google for our keywords, and gave us great tips and advice on how we can stay at the top. I would strongly recommend JA Publications!

rohen shaw

Rohen S.

( CEO - Diagknowstics.com )

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Michigan SEO Services

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Google Hummingbird and the Future of Search

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Why Copying Competitors That Outrank You Isn’t an SEO Strategy

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Why it’s Important to Secure Your WordPress Site

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There is no such thing as a completely secure website. Your website will get hacked. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

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